WK43: 🔜🍕THE NOW PIZZERIA🍕🇩🇪in Hamburg🍔 was the first place anybody ever recommended to me way back when I started the #sexyslices #pizza tour 1.0 on reddit👽/r/buffalo👴🏻. Well we made it, baby! At least I did. I have no idea how you’re doing😐but we’re sending #thotsnprayers 👯‍♀️🙏💝bigtime, Robert (can I call you Bob?). A wood-lined temple that from the looks of their signage is owned by #orangecrush (😡CORPORATE SHILL🥤!), The Now Pizzeria prods the existential quandary👨‍🏫is this all happening Now? Will there be “The Future Pizzeria”? In some alternate greasy Hamburg🔮, is/was there a “The Past Pizzeria”🤯@joerogan? Counter girl didn’t seem to give a shit. Probably working for Big Soda. Let’s roast this bone🦴.
Dough🥖:(A-) Lean, mean, thin-doughed #buffalo style, which is a shiny rarity✨. Some undercarriage crisp would have pushed this, but the crust crunch, BUBBLE🛁 (rookie card rarity) and thinness leveled out the dough ball effect.

Cheese🧀:(B+/A-) Best on the darker slices, but a little thin on the lighter side. With that scale of dough you can’t kill it with mozz, but a little more would have been welcome. Excellent flavor, and a good crisp (on some).

Sauce🥫:(A-/A) Punchy herbs🥊🌿and bright flavor🍅. I sail the saucy sea🍝🌊and this was nearly perfect on quantity. Just a touch runny. One of the best in a while.

Pepperoni🍖:(B+/A-) Clearly not the beloved cup and char, but I don’t necessarily give a damn about that. These were good and in average number, but a little crisp and a thicker cut would have gone a long way.

Overall🍕:(A-) Zero major faults and above average in every category. No spikes or dips. This pizza is a fuckin rock⛰. To whomever it was😬who’s buddy worked there👨‍🍳and said it was🔥, I’m sorry it took 5yrs to get here (Hamburg is practically in Pennsylvania). Your buddy was correct☑️. Hamburg’s oldest pizzeria puts out a slappin (👋hi kids) pie that I wouldn’t put a day over 70🧓.

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