So I’m following through with my idea and trying to review a pizza joint a week. Let me know what you think! For the inaugural review, I went to Wiseguy’s at 1965 Seneca St around noon for lunch. First ever visit. 2 slices for $4. Solid deal. So far so good.

So its obvious that Wiseguy’s falls very much so into the “Buffalo Style” pizza category. Distinctively charred cup pepperoni with a doughy base and a somewhat sweeter sauce. From the get go, the whiteness of the cheese scared me, but they were 2 good sized slices for $4, and it smelled great.

For me, the best part of Wiseguy’s was their dough. Personally, I think the classic Buffalo style can sometimes be so soft that it tastes like its baked on WonderBread. Wiseguy’s had a chewy bite that took a little pull to cut through, reminiscent of the bottom of a NY style pie. The crust was really flakey with good caramelization and great flavor…for a crust that is. Lets be honest, crust is nobody’s favorite part of a pizza. This crust, however, was exceptional. The cheese, despite its shockingly white color, was delicious and strung out nicely. I think it could have been a little better if it were browned a bit, but still really nice. Pepperoni was very typical for Buffalo. Where I found it lacking was the sauce. It was a little watery, and had a tomato-paste-ish flavor. It lacked anything notable for me, and was overall bland. Not overly sweet though, so it scores a few points for that. Personally, I think a lot of places go a little overboard in that area. A very good slice, and I would absolutely order again. Thanks, Wiseguy’s! On with the scoring
DoughšŸ„–: (A-) Good bite and great crust.

CheesešŸ§€: (B) Good amount. Flavorful. Could have been further browned.

SaucešŸ„«: (B) Could have used some more spice but not overly sweet.

PepperonišŸ–: (B) Ol’ dependable. Classic “little cup” pepperoni.

OverallšŸ•: (B+) Wiseguy’s has an above average pie that is held back a little by their somewhat boring sauce. The dough is phenomenal. Definitely warrants a stop. 2/$4 isn’t a shabby deal, either.