Hype Level is at critical mass! According to the votes and comments that I’ve seen 1000 times over since I began this little pizzadventure…you guys kind of like Bocce Club. BUT NOT THOSE OTHER SHITTY BOCCE CLUBS, JUST THE ONE ON BAILEY! Am I getting this right? Contrary to popular they DO in fact serve slices at the Bocce on Bailey, and wouldn’t you know it, I walked right in there and said, “Hit me with the good stuff, HotShot!” (not really). I’m a first timer out here and I’m nervous. Not just because I’m on Bailey either. They’ve got a zillion different local and national awards from very haughty self-proclaimed authorities on the pie, but I’ll have you know none of that means shit to me! I’m laying down the lumber regardless of rep. Let’s find out if it’s all good in the hood. But seriously Bocce on Bailey is kind of in the hood. 2+pop=$7.90ish. POW!

Fresh up out the box and I’m seeing some things I like and don’t. First off, this is a hearty-ass pie. The cheese is layered on heavy-handed, and there are a plethora of some of the thickest pepperoni I’ve ever seen scattered around. I don’t even know if I can really taste it, but people eat with their eyes, and that sprinkle of herbs is a really nice touch. I see a lot of sauce peaking out under the cheese too, and that is bomb as far as I’m concerned. That outer edge char is scaring me a bit, though.

This cheese is the chronic. A little greasy, very chewy, lots of pull, and it’s tucking in those little pepperoni like your grandma used to. Salty, sweet, and possibly laced with cocaine. This is good cheese.

Let me throw some scaling at you for a minute. What you’re seeing in this cross section is the dough layer and the cheese layer separated by a touch of that sauce, which we’ll get after later on. Take a look at the layers, maaaaan. Tell me how the cheese and dough compare. TELL ME! It’s a hefty layer game.

Ok, I’ve finally decided that this is cheese. I’ve run across it a couple of times at very typical “Buffalo” places and I knew it well as a child in Lockport eating Pizza Oven. I don’t like the burney cheese crust, and I don’t know why anyone does. Some of the less dark spots taste pretty good and I get that, but most of it is straight charcoal ash and I hate it. Sorry guys. A couple of points are coming off for this.

Bocce is super heavy on the sauce. For those of you following along, you already know I’m the goddamn Captain Ahab of the heavy sauce schooner. This is 100% perfect distribution for me. The sauce is velvety, thick, and oozing out of every orifice on the slice. For instance, note Exhibit B.

This is one of many aforementioned orifices. This is excellent sauce. That being said, it is not my favorite sauce. I am not big on sweet, and Bocce has one of the sweeter sauces I’ve had. Probably just under Pizza Oven on the sweetness scale which is regoddamndiculous. Pizza Oven’s sauce is sugar with a tomato crushed into it. Ok enough of that. Loving the quantity, deep flavor profile, but a tad too sweet, sugarpie 😉

Bocce might be the originator of the Buffalo dough. The history behind where the style came from is something I know nothing of, but Bocce has been around since 1946 so there is probably a good shot that they had a hand in it. This is a nice golden-brown buttery bottom. Soft to the touch. Is it getting warm in here?

What lies above that golden bottom is now the stuff of legends. Fluffy, squishy, bready dough. A lot of places have boned this and left it raw, or dry, or burned on the bottom. It’s harder to nail than the NY style by a long shot. This has clearly been perfected over the years and it is heavy. Look at that cross cut. I now know why people have expressed concern for my wellbeing when they hear I’m eating pizza on the reg. Slices like these on a regular basis are the reason Bill’s fans are a little plumper for football season.

Flat out, no contest, the best pepperoni I’ve ever had on a pizza. Knock-back flavor, deep thickness, and the perfect char on every one of them. And there are many. These are incredible. Get me the abacus, Cheryl! It’s gonna be a barn burner.

This was insanely good! I’ve eaten pizza from 39 different places at this point and they hit #4. I completely understand why it is people’s #1. When you’re scoring this high, it’s a battle of preferences that is bringing anything down…apart from that damn char. The textbook definition (and possible creator) of the Buffalo style. They don’t need me to tell you, but get out there and get some. It’s tradition, and there is damn good reason for it. Just not my personal #1. Thank’s Bocce Club!